Unprotected sex: why do we decide on this

They heard all a thousand times: use condoms, they protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Everyone knows where to buy them. But why then many cease to use them?

Scientists from the Indian University have studied the attitude to barrier contraception. Every second woman

Le travail est votre priorité principale pour ce week-end, mais le dimanche, lorsque la lune est à Verseau, c’est un bon moment pour que vous recherchiez un partenaire si vous êtes seul. Peu importe que vous puissiez ou non, vous avez attiré votre attention sur votre santé sexuelle. Lundi sera une bonne journée pour les messages épicés et le sextage. médicament pour érection pas peur d’appeler des dates et, peut-être même avec une continuation.

admitted that she does not receive full pleasure from sex if the partner does not use a condom. Which, in general, is not surprising: when we worry about the risk of getting pregnant or infected, we are clearly not up to orgasm.

Most – 80% of respondents – agreed that condoms are needed, but only half of them used them during the last sexual contact. We do not enjoy the unprotected sex, but we continue to engage in them.

40% of those who did not use the condom during the last sexual intercourse did not discuss this with the partner. And among the recently formed couples, two -thirds ceased to use condoms after a month of relations, and only in half the cases the partners spoke about this with each other.

Why do we refuse contraception?

1. Lack of self -esteem

Imagine: in the midst of a passionate prelude, ask a partner if he has a condom, and he will look at you with bewilderment. He does not have a condom, and in general – how only it came to your mind? You have two options: make an exception (only at a time!) or say: „Not today, dear“. The answer largely depends on your principles.

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